Pelorus is a Real Estate Investment Trust (mREIT) that provides high-performance loans to owners and operators within the cannabis market.
The capital is used to grow to meet demand for product, acquire new properties, and conduct tenant improvements to improve profitability.

We provide accredited investors with a low-risk, asset-backed, high-yield return for their capital with
15% target IRR.

consistant returns

Pelorus is an anchor investment for your portfolio. We consistently distribute profits from loan origination points, net income, extension fees, and exit fees in a very clear and transparent manner. This is a high-return, low-risk opportunity that is extremely rare to find.


Option Warrants
As the fund matures equity warrants may generate additional income. Long-term investors can potentially see premium returns from exercised option warrants.

demand for our capital is high

We have a strong pipeline of transactions with as much as $150M in deal flow with borrowers seeking the performance products we offer. We’re expanding our fund from $100M to $250M to facilitate demand.

We are receiving high-yields on our loans from highly-qualified borrowers, and we flow these returns directly, on a monthly basis, to our members.

Why invest now

Why the timing is perfect for this opportunity
There is a great deal of growth in the Cannabis market but restrictions exist on a Federal level preventing owners from getting traditional loans. Pelorus is able to give them capital to grow and high-yield returns to our investors for the priviledge.

PELORUS trajectory is safer

US Cannabis market doing well during the outbreak
The Pelorus Fund lends on commercial real estate properties in Medically Licensed States. Owners sales are doing well during the outbreak and our fund performance should not be affected by the outbreak.

your next step is to contact us

Getting setup and investing in Pelorus is super quick and easy. We’ll guide you through the process and answer any questions you have.