The Pelorus team has several decades of experience in value-add real estate transactions and has been lending in the cannabis sector since 2016. We know the market, the tailwinds, headwinds and where the opportunities lie in between. Our extensive network of cannabis-focused attorneys, consultants, and experienced operators help us provide the best structure for success for our Fund and its investors.


pelorus formed

$1 Billion in Capital / 5,000+ Transactions in Value-Add Real Estate Deals


entered cannabis market

Pelorus Equity Group enters the cannabis real estate lending space in 2016


launched pelorus fund

High-yield cash flowing income Fundcreated for investors


converted to reit

Fund converted to REIT to gain simplicityand tax advantages. Expanded fund to $250M

Pelorus is an asset-based lender that provides secured term loans, through a private mortgage REIT to a special class of property owners with cannabis use tenants who cannot obtain traditional real estate loans due to the dislocation of the capital markets caused by Federal Regulations.

Pelorus understands the rare alignment of opportunities unfolding within the cannabis real estate market and has built its team to capitalize on this opportunity. Additionally, we are increasing our Fund offering from 100M to 250M, based upon the increased demand for our loan product which has brought high cash flowing yields to our investors since the fund’s inception in 2018.

We are able to offer a competitive management fees of 1% and have historically achieved consistently high yield returns because of our revenue alignment between the Manager (GP) and the Fund Members (LPs) with our Fund structure, whereby the Manager shares fees paid by borrowers with our Fund Members, thus passing on higher returns.



The Pelorus principles have a combined experience of closing over $1 billion in value-add real estate capital and 5,000 transactions.

CEO, Fund Manager | Dan Leimel

28 years operating, owning and managing loan servicing entities and real estate funds. Dan oversees all operations of Pelorus.

PRESIDENT, Co-Fund Manager | Rob Sechrist

20 years of large scale real estate finance raising more than $230M in secured transactions. Develops strategic alliances, partnership’s growth initiatives.

Managing Director | Rick Scatterday

15 years experience in strategic management. Drives acquisitions, asset management, daily operations and disposition activities.

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