With regard to the information found on this website and with any marketing information from Pelorus: No representation is made with respect to its completeness or timeliness. The information is not intended to be, nor shall it be construed as, investment advice or a recommendation of any kind.

Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. This Fund overview is for information purposes only and does not constitute an investment management agreement or offering of securities. It is subject in its entirety to the terms and conditions contained in any offering memorandum or private placement memorandum or other offering documents (the “Offering Documents”). This material is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy any security described herein. Such an offer can only be made by the prospectus or private offering memorandum, which contains complete information regarding risks.

There can be no assurance that the investment product described in this Fund overview will achieve the targeted rate of return or other specified parameters and there is no guarantee against loss resulting from investment. Investment in the Fund carries risk of loss of capital. Investors should review the terms of any Offering Documents with due care and appropriate professional advice. Return targets or objectives are used for measurement or comparison purposes and only as a guideline for prospective investors to evaluate the investment strategy and the accompanying risk/reward ratio. Targeted returns are subjective determinations by the investment manager based on a variety of factors, including, among others, investment strategy, prior performance or similar products, volatility measures, risk tolerance and market conditions. Performance may fluctuate, especially over short periods. Targeted returns should be evaluated over the time period indicated and not over shorter periods. Targeted returns should not be relied upon as an indication of future performance. No representation or assurance is made that the fund or a managed account will or is likely to achieve the objectives or targeted returns. The information contained herein is not complete, may change, and is subject to, and is qualified in its entirety by, the more complete disclosures, risk factors, and other information contained in the relevant Offering Documents.

This is a “blind-pool” offering because we have not specifically identified our investments and likely will not have done so at the time you invest. As a result, you cannot evaluate the risks of, or potential returns from, any of our investments at the time you invest. Our lack of operating history and our General Partner’s and our Investment Manager’s limited operating history decreases your ability to evaluate your investment. We will not apply for an advance ruling from the Internal Revenue Service as to any federal tax consequences of an investment in us, and if the Internal Revenue Service classifies us as a corporation you will lose tax benefits. Since there is no public market for our Interests, an investment in our Interests is considered illiquid. You should be prepared to hold your Interests for at least the one-year lock-up period and then may exit 25% of principal investment per quarter with written notice, at the managers sole discretion. You will have very limited voting rights and you must rely on the Manager. If we borrow funds to make investments, we may need to divert our cash flow from operations and distributions to service our indebtedness. A prolonged economic recession or changes in general economic conditions, or both, including fluctuations in demand or federal policies for cannabis lending and may result in delays in investment and reinvestment, delays in leasing, re-leasing and disposition of assets, and reduced returns on capital. Our performance will be subject to the risk of senior secured notes and other investment defaults. Uncertainties associated with cannabis lending industry may have an adverse effect on our business and may adversely affect our ability to provide you any economic return from our units or a complete return of your capital. You may incur tax liabilities in excess of cash distributions you receive from us in a particular year. There are material federal income tax risks associated with this offering. The Manager and affiliates will receive significant compensation, which will reduce distributions to you. There are potential conflicts of interest between us and our Manager, and the affiliates. The Fund is not registered under the Investment Company Act. Accordingly, the Act’s provisions (which, among other matters, require investment companies to have a majority of disinterested directors) will not be applicable.

Investment decisions made on behalf of the Fund will depend to a large extent on the knowledge, judgment and experience of the Portfolio Managers. Most of the Fund investments will be relatively illiquid. There can be no assurance that investments can be liquidated in a timely fashion. There is no guarantee that the Fund will be able to diversify its investments. Poor performance by a few of the investments could severely affect total returns to the Investors. Returns may be affected by industry uncertainties and higher than expected investment defaults. You should purchase our units only if you: meet the investor suitability requirements; are prepared to hold your investment for a couple years, do not need to rely on the cash distributions from your units as a regular source of cash; have no need for your investment to be liquid; and are prepared to assume the substantial risks associated with an investment. A substantial portion, and possibly all, of the cash distributions you receive from us will be a return of capital and not a return on capital and the amount and rate of cash distributions could vary and are not guaranteed. In addition, there are material federal income tax risks associated with the offering of our Interests. You should consider the risks above together with all of the other risks and other information included in the confidential offering memorandum in evaluating the purchase of our Interests. Fees to affiliates, illiquidity, leveraging, and performance may be affected by unanticipated declines in residual value or changes in the market.

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